Paying to work for free- Re-blog/Post

For my cohorts at Capilano U. You should all read this.

Paying to Work for Free

It essentially exposes a for-profit university who lures its students with potential work, only to use the students work for the profitable gain of the university. They exploit the students to create new content for the company and force the student to pay exorbitant amounts of money.

Read the article. It explains the whole ordeal better than I can.

Which leads me to a bit of a rant.

When it comes to people who have gone to school and graduated with a usable “tech-art” degree, such as photography, film, etc.; those graduates deserve to be paid for anything they do. Exploiting these people to do something for free that they have spent thousands of dollars to learn to do is just not right. I have been the victim of this many times, and it’s frustrating.
One does not simply, magically, know how to use that camera, or that software, or that light out of the womb. They have spent lots of money and time to learn to do these things properly. When you want a person to perform a duty that is time consuming… Pay them. Just do it.

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